Intern testimonials

Intern testimonials

Why do a placement at Infotel?

“The possibilities of development, using the latest technologies, responded exactly to what I was looking for. Infotel offered a chance to work on service contracts, alongside the person in charge of development and corrective maintenance.” (Stéphane M.)
“Many companies contacted me, but Infotel offered me a training internship that responded to my professional expectations” (Romain N.)
“Infotel has an excellent reputation at my university.
The internships offer authentic business project experiences.” (Virina T.)

Why did you accept a placement?

“The placement let me see aspects of an IT engineer’s job that are not discussed in formal training at university. Furthermore, I’m extremely interested in emerging technologies and the Web-to-Database concept lets me stay up-to-date with the evolution in IT technologies.” (Sébastien G.)
“I was contacted by Infotel after having posted my CV on an online recruitment site. My choice was determined by the stability of the company and I found the subject of the placement to be particularly interesting. Furthermore, the internship could result in a job.” (Mathieu D.)
“I made enquiries about Infotel and the placements offered with colleagues and ex-alumni of the university. I chose to do an internship at Infotel as it matched my requirements. The choice of subject was new technologies and research.” (Virina T.)

What did you get from a placement at Infotel?

“This four-month internship has enabled me to familiarise myself with the rhythm and requirements of the working environment I was able to see the development stages of a project and the roles of the different people intervening in each phase in an excellent working environment.” (Thibault N.)
“The internship is well defined. It enabled me to progress technically and see how a IT consultancy operates. Being treated like another developer was great and valuable for my CV.” (Saïbou D.)
This placement has enabled to apply my theoretical knowledge that I have learnt at university. Furthermore, I have been able to demonstrate my autonomy and learning. I have learnt how to provide solutions to the issues that may arise. Moreover, the job was extremely interesting and I have learnt a lot: I had the chance to intervene in all stages of the V-model cycle of an application (writing documentation, specifications, development, unit and functional tests). In addition, I have learnt how to use a number of important tools as well as three very important frameworks (Struts 2, Spring, and Hibernate).” (Sébastien T.)

What assessment would you give of the experience?

“It was a very enriching experience on a personal level and the knowledge acquired. It’s been a very positive experience for both parties, as I am currently employed in the Infotel team.” (Justine D.)
“I learnt a lot about myself and I have learnt to work independently. I also have a clear view of the needs in IT service, notably for Web and mobile development. The placement has given me an insight into the company and its work methodology and enabled me to get a job.” (Virina T.)
“The experience has been good as I have decided to stay on at Infotel after the internship. Furthermore, I’m in discussions with my supervisor for a potential job in La Hague, which would be an excellent opportunity for me.” (Romain N.)