Julien, Mainframe analyst

Julien, Mainframe Analyst

Julien, Mainframe Analyst


” My job is to listen to the customer and their requirements.
My goal is to use my expertise to assist them in their daily work.”

What is your educational background?

With a degree in IT, specialised in business application development, I first started out in the army to find a little more about the career as an IT technician. That experience enabled me to see a world outside a mere job. A team spirit and discipline creates the foundations for success in the profession. I participated in the development and maintenance of a web application. Furthermore the army also enabled me to discover the act of serving the nation. Leaving the army for personal reasons, I wanted to join a company with a people-orientated approach and respect for its employees and its customers That same spirit that I found in the army. Infotel holds that same approach and respect for customers and employees. In addition, the training and the assignments on which I am currently working. Moreover, the contact with the customer and the quality tasks implemented as well as its responsiveness are proof of our goodwill for the customer.


What was your induction at Infotel like?

I started out at Infotel with a training session given by the BNP AM team in Paris, who have welcomed me with open arms and have helped me settle into my job. At first, they gave me minor tasks in order for me to immerse myself quickly in the business area. Gradually, they started to give me more important tasks to show their confidence in my abilities. The atmosphere on the job is great. I feel really comfortable. There is a great atmosphere, really friendly and together as a group.
How do you see your job today?

My job is to listen to the customer and their requirements. My goal is to use my expertise to assist them in their daily work.

Currently what project are you working on? What is your role?

At the moment I’m working on a BNP Unix Oracle AM in Villenneuve d’Ascq. It involves intervention on the Oracle database environment and supervision of the correct operation of the application system. Interventions are performed where required on the qualification and production environments. I also intervene under client request to perform developments and different analyses. My incorporation in the teams in Paris and Villeneuve d’Ascq went really well, although the Villeneuve d’Ascq team is new, there is still great cohesion between employees.

How do you see your progress? What path do you see for yourself?

I would like to continue in the people-orientated area, both with the teams and customers. The relational aspect is important in IT, to know the requirements as well as to have a dynamic team. I would like to employ my different expertise in order to lead and manage projects. To do this, I would first like to continue develop my experience both as a program analyst to understand and learn about other areas.