Sébastien, Research Engineer

Sébastien, Research Engineer

Sébastien, Research Engineer
“My different assignments at Infotel have enabled me to learn more
about each of the stages in the V-model and pre-sales”

How would you describe your job?

I am currently working as an analyst in a subsidiary of a major banking group specialised in securities services for financial institutions (management companies, private banks, banking networks, online brokers and direct banks).

Infotel currently has two teams deployed there: :

  • A Group Technical Assistance team, which is responsible for support, maintenance and development of the client’s service desks (databases containing client data, accounts, securities positions), generating different files for other services or financial institutions.
  • A second team which is responsible for the entire document production chain for the end customers: order notifications, portfolio assessment, account statements, tax documents…

When I joined in December 2011, I was part of the Group Technical Assistance team where I was responsible for a project that basically involves rebuilding the existing workflows and implementing new ones for a financial institution. Since January 2012, I joined the second team in order to regulate manual generation of monthly or yearly documents, develop document templates and resolve production issues.


What does the job of IT developer involve?

Currently, I’m responsible for the maintenance of an existing application. My job as developer involves checking the correct operation of processes and implementing patches to the existing system.
Before, I worked on creating internet websites or new software. I have also worked on functional specification phases, documentation, acceptance testing, customer training, and software presentations at the client. My different assignments at Infotel have enabled me to learn about each of the stages in the V-model and pre-sales.


What factors does a development project need to be successful? What are the stages before starting development as such?

An IT project doesn’t just involve the development stage. There are several essential phases to be done. The first involves a functional analysis of requirements with the client and implementation of the associated specifications. The following phase is the technical specifications stage. This eventually results in the development stage. In order for the project to be efficient, the team must communicate, help each other and ask the functional manager questions. The last phase, the acceptance testing stage, implements the necessary documentation in the client: maintenance of a site, contribution of an application.


What qualities does a good IT developer need to have?

A good IT developer need to master one or more programming languages. They need to show interest in the evolution of the different languages and to adapt to new technologies, not limiting themselves in a single application domain.

In the three years, I have worked with different technologies (PHP Symfony framework, HTML, CSS, JavaScript…), some of which I was able to learn thanks to training and independent learning (EzPublish, Perl,…) This openness has enabled me to work in different areas: industry, public sector, and finance.