The Infotel Group: From mobile technology to Big Data

From mobile to Big Data
Faced with the growth of databases and access via the Web, companies are looking for solutions: the Infotel group provides the answers.

  • Infotel has consolidated all of its technical know-how, from mobile technology to major databases.
  • Infotel knows how to employ all technological layers (networks, relational databases, object languages, servers) in heterogeneous environments.

Infotel is a group of leading-edge consulting companies and a global software vendor. The Group has developed a complete service offering and a range of efficient and highly-performing software for enterprise servers.

Infotel Core Businesses

At the heart of Service

Infotel provides consultancy, analysis, IT system audits, third-party application maintenance and software testing solutions. Infotel designs and implements, as service contracts or service desk, your management projects by implementing the most advanced methods and technologies, from mobile technology to major databases.

Software for your data

Infotel has developed software to assist you in areas such as DB2® operation (security, performance and management), data management and archiving, web-enabled or quality applications and relational database performance.

Infotel has two key areas for development: service desks and dematerialisation. Infotel has all the know-how, from the mobile technologies to major databases, of a group driven since its outset by its passion for IT. We want to share this passion with you.

The Group is listed on the Euronext Paris exchange Compartment B (Mid Caps), under the code ISIN FR0000071797.