A fast and flexible platform for managing your technical documentation

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A fast and flexible platform for managing your technical documentation

Infotel ORLANDO solution is built up upon 2 major modules:


  • a performant framework, including standard business services (Web services REST), ready to analyse, store, index and manipulate your technical documentation – ORLANDO Core System
    • this framework ingests and publishes with a minimum of effort your existing documentation, through parameterization and programmable components, as it supports out of the box the technical standards S1000D, ATA 100, ATA i2200, ATA 2300 ;
    • o its business services can be securely called from external systems, for integration of your technical documentation to the IT applications that need a “hand” on the documentation ;
  • an HTML5 Viewer using the REST Web services of the Framework, that can be entirely customized: ORLANDO Viewer.

Two optional modules complete the offer:


  • ORLANDO Data Controller: this module adds dedicated quality controls to the ingestion of the technical documentation, according to the standards supported by Orlando framework:

    • DTD and XML schema compliance, links consistency, data profiling of the business fields, compliance to business rules such as BREX modules for S1000D standard – in order to gain efficiency in the control and usage of your documentation
  • ORLANDO Development toolkit: this toolkit gives a full access to the technical documentation of the framework and of its REST API, permitting a complete adaptation of the ORLANDO solution to your specific context thru:

    • specific transformation routines of your data at loading time;
    • specific development of your own stylesheets used by Orlando viewer;
    • specific development of your user interface.

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