HTML publishing performances are under control

Newsletters Orlando > September 2015


HTML publishing performances are under control


Generation of the technical documentation in HTML format, easily accessible from its users, is a critical process for the Orlando framework. This process will naturally be evolving with the life of the technical data: new information in the source data will require new transformations; external data can be merged to the source content during the publication process, and the performances linked to those external accesses might vary in time.


This is why it is essential to measure at low level, and on each document, the publishing performances for each step of the publishing process. For instance the HTML generation time depends on the size of the input document.


This is exactly what the Orlando framework does, allowing those measures to be aggregated and compared from one version of the global publishing process to another version, or from one environment to another one, using same input data. The most resource demanding documents in the publication process can be detected and analysed easily.


An A350 Line Maintenance publication, with its XML « raw data » compliant to S1000D standard, is usable in 2 hours of processing, then it takes 2 more hours to have it fully indexed (XML & HTML content).