Orlando Viewer is available in « standalone » mode

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Orlando Viewer is available in « standalone » mode


The Orlando framework offers various business services intended to publish technical data compliant with ATA iSpec2200 / 2300 and S1000D standards. Its architecture involves some Big Data components that extend greatly the volume of data that can be managed, together while guarantying controlled performances.


Big Data components are able to work in distributed mode on a cluster of servers (physical or virtual), they are able to work in the same way in “standalone” mode, such as on a single machine disconnected from the network.


This feature allows Orlando to be accessible in a standalone environment disconnected from the network, such as a laptop or a mobile device using Microsoft® Surface Pro using a USB key distribution of Orlando.


For example, when starting Orlando from an USB key, a script launches Orlando services (data access, search) on the host computer, then the Orlando Viewer becomes available directly inside the browser (IE / Firefox / Chrome).