Java/JEE service desk

Java/JEE service desk

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Since 2009, Infotel has been managing the development and maintenance of Java/JEE applications for Banque de France. By choosing an organization responsible for maintenance and development in a service desk, the IT Department looks to:

  • Have a structure capable of absorbing load variations over time and handle urgent upgrades by pooling affected resources in other maintenances around the loads incurred by the upgrades required. Load peaks and dips are regulated.
  • Integrate new applications for maintenance in the structure, and be able to pool the maintenance of applications where there is insufficient volume of activity to justify dedicated individual third-party application maintenance.
  • Anticipate, where appropriate, any increase or decrease in internal resources for design, specification or execution tasks performed by the service desk on a case by case basis.

Volume and technical environment - Banking Finance- BDFTo best respond to the needs of Banque de France, Infotel performs the following:

  • Management, monitoring and ongoing maintenance (corrective maintenance, assistance and support) of 4 applications initially entrusted to the service desk.
  • Evolutive maintenance of existing applications and development of new applications.
  • Maintenance and support of new applications developed within section 2.
  • Pooling of resources among applications,
  • Use of JEE execution/maintenance graphs,
  • Ongoing relationship: quality, proximity, attentiveness
  • Service quality measured by indicators and customer satisfaction surveys
  • Service continuity: back-up management in pairs or order of three
  • Skilled management of commitments, timings and costs since launch