A signature processing project

A signature processing project

Infotel carried out for a major regional bank a signature management application.

This involved:

  • acquiring new signatures (digitalising the signature boxes, entering and managing corresponding customer data, backing up the images and corresponding data in a signature database);
  • retrieving the existing signatures in order to perform a visual check (entering the customer’s account number, finding the corresponding signatures);
    displaying the signatures;
  • modifying existing information (signatures, administrative data, etc.);
  • updating the content of the existing signature database.

The hardware and software architecture in the project was:

  • images are acquired using a scanner;
  • the scanner is managed via the TWAIN standard API;
  • the images are processed, indexed and displayed in a PC under Windows;
  • the signature display application is done using PowerBuilder;
  • all business services and access to the signature database are executed using Tuxedo under AIX;
  • the signature database is managed in Oracle;
  • the client database under z/OS-IDMS is accessed via Tuxedo/host and CICS.