A Web-to-Database solution using an in-house Intranet

A Web-to-Database solution using an in-house Intranet

For a major bank, this project involved carrying out a service contract for a software enabling agencies to check telephone incidents on the company’s Intranet.


  • the service can be consulted through the customer telephone assistance platform and agencies on the Intranet;
  • the incidents are refreshed every 30 minutes by an automate and registered in a DB2 database.

The technical architecture is based on a three-tier Web-to-Database model:

  • the first tier contains a Windows client station, installed with an Internet Explorer browser to read the HTML pages delivered by the Web server. Certain HTML pages contain JavaScript code to run syntax controls;
  • the second tier contains a Netscape Web server on a UNIX machine, creating HTML pages dynamically from programs written in C and using the NSAPI interface;
  • the third tier contains a data server hosted on a z/OS machine. The data are stored in a DB2 database.