Service desk «Documentation application infrastructures »

Service Desk “Documentation application infrastructures”


Since 2009, Airbus has entrusted Infotel with the operation and monitoring of its aircraft documentation application infrastructures.
150 applications manage the preparation of aircraft documentation (online manuals, maintenance procedures, management procedures… ) for airlines who are clients of Airbus

A catalogue of services based on:

  • Application monitoring
  • Systems and performance monitoring
  • Technical operation coordination
  • Level 1 tool and technical support for projects and business
  • Execution of miscellaneous catalogued requests

airbus load and environment
Results-focused activities:

  • Support and presence from 7.00 to 19.00
  • On-call service including nights, bank holidays and weekends
  • Ad-hoc technical expertise available

Ongoing efforts for continuous improvement:

  • Daily compilation of information
  • Implementation of win-win indicators
  • Proactively improving technical applications
  • Industrialised processes based on a catalogue adapted to customer requirements