Application Management for 100 applications

Third-party application management for 100 applications

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One of Infotel’s oldest clients, PSA entrusted it with third-party maintenance of more than 100 management applications in 2002. The aim of the service is to provide user assistance, maintenance and upgrade of more than 50 applications for each of the Peugeot and Citroën brands.

PSA load and technical environment
The service provision involves:

  • user assistance,
  • corrective maintenance,
  • preventive maintenance,
  • perfective maintenance,
  • implementation of urgent upgrades (execution within 30 calendar days)
  • implementation of major upgrades
  • Excellent understanding of the core business
  • Involvement in application life cycle.
  • “Permanent” team assigned to establish functional and operational knowledge and “secondary” team for peaks in activity.