IT system maintenance and evolution

IT system maintenance and evolution

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Klésia, leading player in pension funds, contingency and health insurance, entrusted Infotel with its maintenance activities and projects, in order to:

  • streamline IT system operating costs,
  • improve the quality of the existing service,
  • free up internal resources to dedicate them to functional activities.

Klésia has outsourced its IT project management tasks:

  • design,
  • maintenance,
  • execution,
  • acceptance,
  • project support.

Infotel now manages a service desk that is responsible for 31 applications, 50% of Klésia’s application base.

Infotel is responsible for the following activities:volume and technical environment Insurance Klesia

  • evolutive maintenance
  • adaptive and technical maintenance
  • projects
  • production monitoring
  • production incident handling
  • corrective maintenance
  • Technical and functional knowledge of several area applications
  • Pooling of equipment in an externalised development platform
  • Attested knowledge of results-orientated operations
  • Excellent know-how of quality processes associated with service desks