Intellectual property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property Sector€ 11 million turnover in 2016

With the explosion in the number of witnesses, agencies and organisations dealing with intellectual property and exclusive rights for intellectual creations (patents, brands, designs and illustrations) must now respond to a dual challenge: manage and operate the continuously expanding knowledge base, while enhancing the productivity of examiners.

For close to 20 years, Infotel has been helping intellectual property stakeholders around the world to manage data, search and exploit large volumes of information. Infotel designs, develops and migrates systems adapted to their business challenges.

Our solutions adapted to your business challenges

Manage your scientific or legal data

Increase the productivity of your examiners

  • A range of efficient tools for managing procedures.
  • Custom tools.
  • Adapted tools thanks to Business Process Management.

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Archiving 110 million patents

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