Online patent management for China

Online patent management for China

The purpose of the project was to deliver to the Chinese Patent Office (CPO) a turn-key digital patent management system, which included:

  • supply of hardware (z/OS system, UNIX, PC, printers);
  • document search EPOQUE software developed by QUESTEL;
  • BNS software developed by Infotel.

The Chinese Patent Office is, after the European and Swedish Patent Offices, the third patent office to use the BNS system.

This system was developed in 1994 under a tender for the European Patent Office (EPO) which proposed implementing a digital patent archiving system that responded to the following objectives:

  • manage a digital collection of 30 million documents, with a volume of more than 14 tetrabytes.
  • print complex documents incorporating extracts from several patents;
  • enable more than 2,000 users to display documents within a minimal waiting time;
  • produce digital copies of the documents.