Archiving 110 million patents

Archiving 110 million patents


The Chinese Patent Office (SIPO) is a governmental organisation. It carries out the search and examination of a growing number of Chinese patents. In 2011, the SIPO become one of the global leaders in intellectual property institutions.

Since 1998, the SIPO has entrusted Infotel with the maintenance of its patent storage and retrieval applications. Expert in big data management and archiving, Infotel has designed and developed a patent archiving system under z/OS and a Java printing engine installed onsite in China. The Archiving solution offers the following features:Intellectual Property volume-SIPO

  • document storage,
  • ultra-fast access to data (downloading of 200 Kb in less than 50 ms in local),
  • partial or full printing of documents,
  • automated uploading of new documents,
  • document extraction from different formats (TIFF, PDF, …) and different media (CD, DVD, …),
  • SOA architecture for interconnection with Chinese IT system.

This solution enables the SIPO to manage more than 80 million documents, 20 terabytes of data and 20 million Internet pages.