Creation of a student account tracking application

Student account tracking application

Les services de la vie étudiante - CROUS - CNOUS

Under the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research, the CNOUS (Centre National des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires) is responsible for managing the CROUS network. Its aim is to provide all students with the same opportunities for accessing and succeeding in higher education in all aspects of their daily lives.
In 2012, CNOUS looked to implement a Web service that would enable students to view their CROUS student card account and the details of the transactions made. Furthermore, CNOUS sought a new approach to payment, via code which was part of the application. The code was to be incorporated in a QR Code, generated through the mobile app by the server.

  • The new screen needed to maintain the existing design and usability.
  • The security algorithm of the QR code needed to call transfer technologies simply in WinDEV, technology used by the banking system.

CNOUS Technical environmentA website adapted for mobiles in order to implement a tool for topping up the CROUS student card. An app developed for iOS and Android, using HTML5 and Java technology thanks to the Sencha Touch 2 mobile framework. The app enabled students to connect to an account linked to their CROUS card.

Once connected, students can:

  • check the balance remaining for university restaurants,
  • check the history of top-ups and payments.
  • Expertise in mobile platforms.
  • “Industralised” and “agile” methodology enabling it to provide project management assistance including: requirements analysis, prototyping and consulting.
  • Guidance on the use of QR codes and NFC.
  • Perfect knowledge of the client’s IT environments.