A patent consultation project

A patent consultation project

This project, initiated by a European body under the EEC’s proposal, aimed to provider Internet users with:

  • a patent search engine;
  • access to patent documents.

It was divided into three sections:

  • provide Internet users, connecting to the national patent office website, with online access to 2 years of patents from the office;
  • offer a search engine and identify relevant documents from more than 30 million documents.
  • let users to access the content of an online patent knowledge base for patents dating under 10 years and patents dating over 10 years in less than 1’30’’.


  • simple, fast access from a Web server
  • online access to 10 years of patents, approximately 2 million documents occupying 2 tetrabytes of data
  • availability almost 24 hours a day
  • separate from current production so that the service is not affected
  • provide current system users with online access to 2 million documents
  • no culture shock despite revolutionising the operation.