Electronic accounting tax audits

Electronic accounting tax audits

Electronic accounting tax auditsBring your accounting system into compliance and control risks. Choose the right solution!


You need to make your system compliant
The French 13 L-1-06 directive of 24 January 2006 from the French Tax Office published in the Official Tax Bulletin on electronic accounting audits aims to strengthen the verification mechanisms for tax audits. Failure to comply with these provisions could result in the rejection of accounting records, leading to the assessment of tax bases stipulated in article L. 74 of the Code of Tax Procedures and the following actions:

  • deviation in obligations of preservation and presentation;
  • opposition of electronic processing.

In order to ensure compliance of your computerised accounting, Infotel proposes a global approach consisting of 7 stages:

  1. general mapping;
  2. analysis of compliance with accounting obligations;
  3. analysis of data organisation and preservation;
  4. risk assessment;
  5. action plan;
  6. establishment of compliance with accounting obligations;
  7. establishment of compliance with IT obligations.

Managed tax audit and accounting culture

  • Our capacity to propose an overall action plan
  • Extensive experience in legal archiving realised in the Arcsys software
  • Capacity for fixed-price service contracts