Mobile technologies

Mobile technologies

Mobile technologiesOur mobile experts offer a comprehensive range of mobile technology suited to your needs.


You need to develop smartphone and tablet apps for the general public, taking into account:

  • Multiple platforms and specific technologies (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows8),
  • Ease-of-use and impeccable quality, guaranteeing the success of an operation that enhances your image,
  • An ambitious time-to-market..

Take advantage of mobile technologies to revolutionise information practices in your IT system:

  • Dematerialisation, remote use,
  • Autonomy, communication, speed in information,
  • Data collection and analysis.

Multi-technology knowledge.
An approach specialising in all specific features of mobile technology, illustrated through a comprehensive offering:

  • Organisation of ‘User Experience’ workshops during the project to transfer the functions on dynamic models,
  • Agile execution and demonstration of progress on physical terminals,
  • Streamlined costs through mobile development load sharing,
  • Innovative approaches to optimise transfer costs from one platform to another
  • Application maintenance and advanced preparation for migration (new OS).