ProductionOptimise your IT production! Infotel’s Production Expertise: Top-level service quality


Successfully upgrading your IT system involves seamless IT production.
You want to:

  • concentrate on your core business and outsource your IT infrastructure to an expert.
  • control budgets, rationalise costs and gain in productivity.
  • ensure time-to-market in a changing economic context.
  • enhance productivity and industrialise Delivery, while improving Service Quality.
  • ensure a faster response and reporting levels, enabling you to make strategic decisions for your IT systems.

Infotel is supported by ITIL best practices and ISO 9001 and 20000 certified processes, enabling it to offer its customers a comprehensive results-orientated service offering by providing a catalogue of infrastructure services.
Its service catalogue:

  • Activity divided up into activity units
  • A price defined for each activity unit according to scaled criteria
  • Service commitment (SLA) established for each activity unit

Infotel assists customers in outsourcing its activities, hosting them in service desks located in our premises in France or off-shore. The service desk is also the ideal solution for customers who want to outsource part of their activities or the company’s entire IT operations.