DB2 databases

DB2® databases

Bases de donnéesThe survival of your Information System requires DB2 expertise!
With the Infotel “DB2 Expertise” service offering, stay a step ahead with the leader.


Nowadays companies are faced with critical challenges for their IT system:

  • maintaining performance and quality of the service delivered to customers and users;
  • handling an increasing volume of data;
  • dealing with the increase in the number of applications in production;
  • making data available 24-7;
  • migrating applications towards multi-tier architectures (From mobile technologies to major databases);
  • handling new types of data (sound, image, video).

To respond to these challenges, Infotel provides a complete range of services:

  • consulting and technical support on:
    • managing database design;
    • optimising application design and development;
    • administering databases.
  • application audit with:
    • optimising databases;
    • optimising SQL access;
    • controlling increasing data volume.
  • training with:
    • DB2 expertise cycle, ensuring skill transfer.