Enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture

Enterprise architectureOptimise your business processes and improve your performance


The complexity of Information Systems continues to evolve and managing them is becoming more and more difficult (heterogeneous and redundant technology, multiple interfaces, information overlap). This complexity combined nowadays with growth in business requirements makes organisations’ overall performance difficult to achieve.
Given this situation, it is essential to:

  • Reduce intrinsic complexity of IT systems,
  • Optimise the service provided and make migration more agile,
  • Harmonise practices and unify different approaches under a common, easy-to-understand language
  • Emphasize the duty to advise

Enterprise Architecture is a targeted approach that lets you align your IT systemwith your organisation’s strategy. This alignment can improve IT efficiency:

  • costs, risks, time-to-market.
  • customer satisfaction, procurement times, viable stock in real time, ROI.
  • take into account new regulations …
  • break into new markets … new countries

All while safeguarding coherence by implementing a repository (application, service, data catalogue) whose main objectives are to:

  • Share (common language, shared vision)
  • Standardise for sustainability
  • Create reliability – improve quality
  • Controlling complexity
  • Leveraging technology opportunities.

Our Enterprise Architecture service is designed to TRANSFORM your IT system to achieve the target defined in the strategic planning. This involves:

  • defining the target information system, based on operational, monitoring and management processes
  • implementing indicators (KPI)
  • their breakdown
  • guidelines for IT planning (obligations, limitations, requirements)
  • with the roadmap to follow for achieving this target system

To be capable of:

  • designing the target and its attributes, it is essential to:
    • Ensure that your team understands the organisation’s strategy and vision,
    • Map the baseline system.
  • achieving the target architecture or adjusting the baseline system, it is essential:
    • Implement IT governance principles
    • Develop and maintain the implementation plan to determine your IT assets in order to sustainably control the impacts and help decision-making.