Open-source IT Resource Management

GLPI is the leading solution for managing your IT portfolio.


  • Manage inventory of your IT resources and your IT support.
  • Optimise human resources and hardware.
  • Reduce administration costs.
  • Major added value for your information systems.

GLPI is a comprehensive solution for organisations looking to implement a central platform for managing inventory and IT support.

The GLPI solution

  • Localised into 30+ languages
  • + 2,200 users (registered)
  • + 15,000 users in the community forum
  • 2 major versions per year, on average
  • Manage reservations, knowledge databases
  • Complete user documentation

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Tel: +33 (0)2 99 23 11 23


GLPI provides the following features:

Inventory Management

GLPI provides controlled inventory management to

  • Administer all IT components.
  • Ensure comprehensive management (resources, costs).
  • Contains dedicated wiki knowledge base.
  • Provide efficient support.
  • Control the entire life cycle of hardware.
  • Ensure reliable and coherent IT portfolio status.

Support Management

GLPI provides comprehensive management of service desk processes.

  • Single point of entry for user support.
  • Complies with ITIL v2 – v3 standards.
  • Efficient processing by IT service, with history log.
  • Incident / Request / Issue / Change Management
  • Administrative closing of incidents and satisfaction surveys

Reliable and efficient tool

GLPI integrates entirely with the company’s IT systems

  • Minimum technical requirements
  • Immediate implementation
  • Intuitive use
  • Customisable interface
  • Synchronisation with enterprise directories
  • Communication with messaging system


Through the use of add-ons, GLPI lets you add several functionalities.
Infotel has developed around thirty add-ons for GLPI.

  • Personnel time and attendance management.
  • Mapping tool.
  • Project management (changes).
  • Material guarantee amounts from manufacturing sites.
  • IT Rack management.
  • Electronic orders and billing management.
  • Project existence: since 2002
  • Open-source software under GPL license (very active community)
  • Gold medal in Les Trophées du Libre in 2006
  • Website:
  • 1st official version: November 2003
  • 100% Web
  • 6 developers in core
  • A dozen of active plugin developers in 2013
  • 12th in TOP 50 Open Source Solutions according to CTOs of the CAC40