The shortest path between DL/1® and DB2®

DL/2 migrates all your data from DL/1® to DL/2® without impacting your application.

Your needs

Cost reduction, data continuity, streamlined environment … The transition from DL/1® to DB2® responds to multiple issues. However, the migration of existing IMS applications requires a complex data reengineering and modification of the programs.

The DL/2 solution

DL/2 is a quick and transparent data and application migration from DL/1® to DB2®. The software induces benefit from the power and the flexibility of DB2® without application changes.


  • Ultrafast achievement of migration projects
  • No changes to applications
  • Suppression of DL/1 costs
  • Simplification of the operating environment
  • Reducing risks and costs associated with migration


  • Gradual or total migration of the data
  • Ability to change the migrated database structure (reengineering)
  • Exclusion of obsolete data
  • Transparent access to IMS applications
  • Generation of static SQL requests to insure optimal performances

Unlocking the potential of your DL/1® data through DB2® migration.

While most organizations have chosen DB2® mainframe for database system, many of them keep DL/1® in support of existing applications. For these firms, DL/1® is often an expensive and inflexible architecture.

  • DL/2 was designed to reduce risks and accelerate data and IMS applications migration to DB2®.
  • Integrated mapping tools facilitate the tasks in preparation for migration such as data re-engineering or disposal of obsolete information.
  • An ETL proprietary mechanism automates the transfer of data to DB2 tables.
  • Once the data is migrated, DL/2 replaces IMS interface. Commands from applications are analyzed and interpreted in static SQL statements and the results are forwarded to standard DL/1 format.

Preserve your investment in applications

DL/2 provides existing DL/1 applications the benefits of a DB2 database both in terms of easy access and availability (24 hours).

  • With DL/2, programs source code stays the same, which preserves your investment in applications.
  • Programs continue to give DL/1 requests as before. DL/2 carries the interpretation of those requests and gives out the necessary information in a DL/1 format.
  • The increase in CPU usage generated by this conversion is less than 8% for the same response time.
  • Once all the data migrated, DL/1 licences and related tools can be canceled. Programms will keep working through DL/2.
  • Applications may be modified over time to interface directly with DB2.

DL/2 is a Syncsort® software, distributed by Infotel SA.

DL/2 pamphlet

DL/2, The shortest path between DL/1 and DB2 – pdf


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