A Significant Reduction in Reorganization Costs



  • Ultra-rapid parallel reorganizations
  • all necessary processes, in parallel, that are generally performed one after the other (Index reorganization, Full Image Copy, RUNSTATS)
  • with the help of a patented sort, developed by Infotel (Partial Index Scan), InfoReorg considerably reduces reorganization time

Furthermore, InfoReorg, by working outside DB2, significantly reduces the CPU and ELAPSED times needed for reorganization.

User Friendly

A user-friendly ISPF interface for:

  • Selecting DB2 objects for reorganizing
  • Suitable JCL generation and storage.

InfoReorg manages the resources required for reorganization.

A Simple operating mode


  1. Tables pace and/or Index data is read to be reorganized. It is rewritten reorganized.
  2. A Before Copy Image may be taken
  3. Creates one or more Full Image Copies
  4. A reorganization notification appears in the DB2 catalogue
  5. Creates a catalogue update file for RUNSTATS data
  6. Publishes an execution report

Additional functionalities

  • InfoReorg recreates, on reorganisation, much more efficient compression dictionaries
  • InfoReorg adjusts the number of free pages around upgrade accumulation points in tables and/or indices.
  • InfoReorg dynamically allocates primary and secondary quantities required for DB2 objects

InfoReorg pamphlet


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