High Performance Utilities for Db2 for z/OS



High Performance Utilities for Db2 for z/OS


Ultra-Performance Advanced Formatting and Data Conversion Features Granular Data Selection Compatible with IBM Utilities Syntax







InfoUtil is a suite of tools for Db2 with z/OS, the fastest on the market. Easy to use, InfoUtil is 100 % compatible with the syntax of standard IBM utilities and thus preserves initial investments. InfoUtil reduces processing times by a factor of up to 10 with respect to standard products, and offers an additional set of functionalities for greater operating flexibility.




Your needs -

Your needs

  • Increasing numbers of critical applications require 24/7 availability of company data.
  • Loading, reloading, transferring and integrating increasing volumes of data is necessary and involves significant cost.
  • Developing very different applications (ERP, CRM etc.) requires converting data between heterogeneous environments.
  • Data additions, deletions and upgrades lead to quick disorganisation of tablespaces and Db2 indexspaces.
  • Significantly reducing processing time is becoming a major challenge.
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