2022 revenue: €300.2m, +14%

2022 revenue: €300.2m, +14%
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High level of performance maintained in Q4 2022
€300m revenue cap exceeded

Q4 revenue: €79.6m, +11.4%
Full year revenue: €300.2m, +14.0%

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Infotel, (ISIN: FR0000071797 – ticker: INF), the leading digital transformation partner for key accounts in Europe, today announced the publication of its revenue for 2022 Q4 and cumulatively for the entire 2022 fiscal year.

(in €m)
2022 2021 Change
2022 / 2021
Q1 74.4 64.5 +15.3%
Q2 74.9 64.6 +15.9%
Q3 71.4 62.9 +13.5%
Q4 79.6 71.4 +11.4%
– Services 76.8 68.8 +11.6%
– Software 2.8 2.6 +7.8%
Total 300.2 263.4 +14.0%
– Services 289.7 255.0 +13.6%
– Software 10.5 8.5 +24.2%


A high level of performance maintained over the entire year

With constant business dynamics over the entire year, Infotel posted revenue of €79.6m in Q4 2022, up +11.4% over 2021.

Total growth over the entire fiscal year came to +14.0%, and the €300m cap was exceeded, with €300.2m in revenue for 2022. This performance is twice the sector growth forecast of +7.5% for 20221.

The Services business generated growth of +11.6% in the fourth quarter of 2022. Over the entire fiscal year, growth stood at +13.6%, confirming the continued strong demand from key clients in support of their digital transformation.

Over the entire 2022 fiscal year, the Banking/Finance sector accounted for 41.2% of the Services business, Industry for 26.9%, Services – Transport for 17.1%, Insurance – Pensions for 11.5% and Administrations for 3.3%.

In 2022, Infotel was supported by very strong demand in connection with the acceleration of information system development with key accounts. The banking sector as a whole is continuing to deploy widespread digitalization programs, and Infotel’s positioning in terms of service centers helped make the Group a leader in the sector.

In Industry, Airbus revived its investments, and our partnership with the manufacturer was strengthened over the year with the Group’s business divisions. Also worth noting, our business with Stellantis grew 15% over the year. In Services, our positions with Enedis developed in the second half of the year. Our long-term support for the government of Monaco was affirmed with the scale-up of various projects. Finally, our two platforms in India and Morocco welcomed new contracts, including Airbus.

In what remains a tight hiring market, in 2022 Infotel demonstrated good attraction potential to further strengthen its teams. With 636 gross new hires since the beginning of the year (versus 474 the previous year), the total headcount increased to 2,992 people. The inter-contract rate remained very low over the entire year, at 0.9%.

The Software business posted solid growth over the year at 24.2% and passed the €10m mark in 2022, at €10.5m.

IBM royalties amounted to €1.2m in Q4 and €5.0m over the entire 2022 fiscal year, thus reporting an increase of 29.1%.

Orlando, the technical documentation software suite for aircraft, continued its very strong growth with the signing of two new contracts with IndiGo and Oman Air. Infotel also entered into an agreement with Airbus to incorporate the Orlando software into its aircraft in replacement of the software currently used by the manufacturer, and a royalty will be paid for each equipped aircraft.

2023 Outlook

In light of the still very strong business dynamics noted at the beginning of the year and with a very high level of on-board business, Infotel is optimistic for fiscal year 2023. In addition, new missions will be conducted in India and Morocco for new clients, and projects are in the discussion phase in Spain. The Group is therefore confident that it will achieve the targets established in its 2026 strategic plan.

Upcoming events
Publication of 2022 full-year results: March 22, 2023 after the market
Analyst meeting: March 23, 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

About Infotel

Listed on Compartment B of Euronext Paris since January 1999 (ISIN FR0000071797), Infotel specializes in digital transformation for major accounts, from mobile to very high-volume databases (Big Data). Operating at the forefront of technological innovation, Infotel develops its expertise across two complementary divisions: IT services and software publishing. Infotel posted revenue of €300.2m in 2022 and employs about 3,000 people.

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