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Change the game in Db2 data management

Performing Db2 maintenance activities is essential for ensuring the respect of SLAs. Maintenance activities are critical for performance, recoverability and system resources. But every maintenance operation also has a cost in terms of CPU and I/O. Knowing or being able to evaluate the impact is essential to determine the optimum time for performing maintenance operations and to get a clear advantage in application performance and operational costs. Intelligent automation allows you to focus your efforts where they matter most: innovation, performance and availability of your critical data assets.



Features extract


Smart Db2 utility management planning


Cost-benefit-analysis for every maintenance task


Automated Db2 utility execution: Reorg, Backup, Load, Unload, etc.


Web-based monitoring interface


  • Determines the smartest planning for your Db2 maintenance operations
  • Ensures REORG and BACKUP are only performed where and when they will actually make a difference
  • Reduces Db2 maintenance costs by eliminating unnecessary operations
  • Automatically analyzes system statistics and costs to ensure ROI for each utility job
  • Automatically and dynamically monitors the execution of your Db2 utilities


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